Computer sequins (beads) embroidery

Sequins embroidery also belongs to a kind of embroidery machine, is installed in the machine sequins, can be a single bright piece can also be double sequins.
Sequins embroidery consists of a number of sequins and stitch structure, the use of hard texture, smooth surface, high finish materials, with different colors, sizes and shapes, so that the embroidery has a unique effect.
The process is usually under the sequins: Sequin device (distributor) will be placed in a sequined fabric along the specified direction, at the same time in the center of sequins embroidery needle pierced fabric with the sequins fixed position, then this is the center of the outer back and forth a few needle thorn sequins to wrap the sequins, to make it on fabric.
Visible sequins embroidery needle dispenser and are moving simultaneously with the frame movement under the action of the complete sequins, to ensure the high quality of embroidery, not only to avoid in the feeding process distributor and embroidery thread collision causes the flyer, disconnection, and avoidance of acupuncture in sequins on embroidery embroidery process, but also to meet the requirements of distribution shape sequins under the premise of planning to reduce the order of embroidery stitch is not necessary.
Parameter and performance
Talk about the parameters and performance of sequins embroidery machine to be related to the specific brand, model.
Parameters: Type: embroidery machine, use: embroidery equipment, automatic degree: automatic, suitable for the thickness of the range: thick material machine, stitch type: quilting machine, brand: Fu Yi, product alias: embroidery machine
Product number: RP-TJFY-EM-10
Item name: single head embroidery machine
Single head, 12 needle
Embroidery area: 400X450mm
Single double Sequin (optional)
Main features:
Flat rust maximum speed: 1000rpm, cap rust maximum speed: 850rpm
Motor wire cutting, low noise
Motor and linear guide for color, color more precise.
Support for optional color change pin drive and detection system
System memory up to 2 million pins. Can store 200 patterns, can support Chinese pattern name, with USB interface
The built-in disk can be directly read Tajima, Behringer format disk pattern
Needle step maximum 12.7mm, minimum 0.1mm.
The utility model relates to a single side double Sequin device, which is characterized in that the two bead rolling wheels can be simultaneously arranged on the same Sequin device, and the upper and the lower parts of the utility model can be overlapped and overlapped with different diameters of the beads. (this device can be arranged on the machine at the same time, or about two, that can greatly improve the yield.)
Main function:
Support flat embroidery, cap embroidery, embroidered clothing (left and right on the simple rope embroidery can be selected)
The embroidery frame equipped with advanced integrated drive system.
Automatic / manual cutting.
If the power supply is cut off in the middle of the embroidery, the power supply can make the pattern to be continued in the state of power cut before the power supply is switched on
It has the functions of back filling embroidery, repeated embroidery, combined pattern embroidery and so on.
Pattern rotation. Zoom, delete, copy, output function.
With the needle insertion, modify, delete, copy, output and quick editing function.
With the positioning of the empty and high speed space walk and other functions. If the specified space walk, can not carry out the actual operation is in accordance with the embroidery stitch to shift the frame, and display the moving needle tree, also can directly enter the pin number to move to the position of the specified number of needle frame; you can also press the color shift box, directly moved to one or the same.
Synchronous disk management function. When the machine is running, you can also read and write disk, graphics editing and other operations, improve work efficiency