Types of computer embroidery machine!

(1) according to the embroidery function
According to the general embroidery function can be divided into: ordinary embroidery, gold embroidery machine (single, double gold, gold, gold stacked Si Jin), towel embroidery, embroidered winding (embroidery), laser embroidery, flocking embroidery, cap embroidery, high-speed machine, and a variety of high-end models mixed functions. Such as the three one (flat and gold embroidery, embroidered winding +) four a (flat and Sequin + + simple winding embroidered embroidered towels etc.). The ordinary embroidery, rope embroidery, gold embroidery, towel embroidery and special embroidery together, 6 color ring multicolor embroidery, flat embroidery, gold embroidery, rope embroidery embroidery perfect combination, elegant, fashion, three-dimensional sense of strong, widely used in embroidery clothing, curtains, bedding, and other crafts, and has very broad application prospects.
(2) according to the number of heads and needles
A: the number of points to the head, can be divided into single head and multi head machine (2 - 24);
B: the number of needles per head to divide, can be divided into single needle and multi needle (3 - 12);
C: the feeding tenter frame can be divided into the form of plate type and tube type;
D: embroidery stitch used in the form of broken lines into the lock stitch (301 stitch) and chain stitch (101 stitch).
Because each models have a head, needle, stitch and form tenter frame form, the combination arrangement, refined classification, embroidery type will be a large number, so it can meet the needs of customers at different levels, on the same scale and different requirements to.
Computer embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine, it can make traditional hand embroidery to achieve high speed and high efficiency, and can realize hand embroidery cannot reach "multi-level, multi-functional, unified and perfect" requirements. It is a kind of mechanical and electrical products that embody a variety of high and new technology.
Computer embroidery machine structure
Computerized embroidery machine is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical system, transmission system and electric control system
The main motor mechanical system is mainly composed of a machine frame component, a box body part, puncture mechanism, cloth take-up mechanism, color change mechanism, a clamping mechanism, embroidery frame parts, hand pull switch box units drive system consists of servo motor and AC servo motor frequency, most of the current domestic embroidery machine is used in DAHAO servo system. In order to ensure the accuracy of embroidery, the main motor is provided with an electromagnetic brake device. The main motor drives the lower shaft through the synchronous toothed belt, and the lower shaft drives the upper shaft through the chain wheel. The lower shaft is driven by the bevel gear to drive the rotary shuttle and the thread cutting mechanism so as to complete the lock sleeve of the embroidery bottom line and the face line.
The master control board X direction and Y direction stepper motor respectively drives several synchronous toothed belt movement, and driven by the toothed splint in the embroidery machine embroidery frame on the table, with a certain speed along the direction of mobile X, Y, ensure the fabric embroidery pattern consistent with embroidery patterns on property. The color changing motor drives the needle rod box to move to replace the color of the embroidery surface.
The electric control system is composed of a power supply box, a control box, an operation keyboard box, a peripheral control board and an executive component. The control system of computer embroidery machine can make when a pattern embroidery is finished, according to the instructions given automatically again in the next position with this pattern repeated automatically when the embroidery embroidery embroidery repeatedly; beyond the range, in order to protect the shed frame machine will automatically stop the process; when the fault occurs, the operation the panel will display the error type, and inform the fault. In addition, in the process of embroidery can realize automatic line cutting and digging embroidery, power protection and automatic disconnection, mandatory jumper, automatic stop, error compensation, loop stitch embroidery, pattern detection output function.