History of embroidery!

At present, the earliest embroidery handed down, two pieces of embroidery unearthed in the tomb of the Warring States period in Hunan Changsha. The needle, complete with braids shares (i.e. lock embroidery stitch) embroidered in silk and Luo pin, neat, elegant colors, smooth lines, the pattern of Longyou Fengwu, tiger ruishou, act natural and vivid, lively and powerful, fully demonstrated the achievements of Chu embroidery art. Han Embroidery in Dunhuang, Cheonbuldong, Hebei five deer in northern Inner Mongolia, where the tomb filled, Xinjiang Turpan as Tanabei tomb are unearthed, especially a large number of species in 1972 unearthed in Mawangdui Changsha various kinds of complete embroidery, but also help to understand the Han Embroidery style. From these embroidery, Chinese embroidery pattern for the theme, wavy moire, animal soaring Phoenix, Benz, and Han mirror in common banded, geometric patterns etc.. The new embroidery dibon material, is the popular goods, such as "longevity should children", "Changle Guangming" auspicious words silk brocade silk. The technique is mainly based on the lock embroidery, the pattern is filled, the composition is close, the stitches are neat and the lines are very smooth.
The Eastern Jin Dynasty to the north of the silk fabrics unearthed in Gansu, Dunhuang, Xinjiang, Bachu, and Tian Turpan, see whether or blank pieces of embroidery patterns, with the fine embroidery embroidered all locks, Montreal embroidered features become shi. Ancient and unearthed Tang Dynasty embroidery, has a close relationship with religious art in the Tang Dynasty, there are many Tang embroidery statues, such as British Museum Museum Oriental Dunhuang Cheonbuldong found the embroidered account Rajagaha said by Sakyamuni, the Japanese national Nara Museum of the Tibetan Buddha saying plans, and when the Fodun Longsheng belief directly association. This technique still follow the Han Dynasty lock stitch embroidery stitches, but has begun to change by using a variety of different embroidery, and acupuncture, a variety of color line. The material is not limited to the bottom of embroidered brocade silk peace. Embroidery patterns, and painting are closely related to the Tang Dynasty painting in addition to the figure of Buddha, landscape flowers and birds are also flourishing. So the Buddha figures, flowers and birds, landscape pavilion, also become the embroidery pattern, composition lively, bright colors. The use of fine embroidery embroidery, to use a variety of color and line stitch, instead of painting form description of a special art, is a unique style of Tang embroidery. As for the use of gold and silver lines around the outline of the pattern, to strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the physical, but also can be seen as an innovation in the Tang Dynasty embroidery.
Before the Tang embroidery, mostly for practical and decorative use, embroidery content and the needs of life and customs. The Song Dynasty embroidery work, in addition to practical products, especially dedicated to the picture. Since since Jin and Tang Dynasties, literati calligraphy and painting and love, painting and calligraphy art is the highest performance at the time, to the Song Dynasty and embroidery, painting and calligraphy style directly affect the style of embroidery. The relationship between the age of the Qing Dynasties embroidery painting and painting should not be separated.
The embroidery of the Song Dynasty was developed because of the encouragement of the imperial court. According to the "history of the Song Dynasty, the official records", Chinese palace embroidered embroidered academy metacarpal compilation. Huizong years design embroidery painting specialist, the picture is classified as landscapes, figures, flowers and birds, pavilions, and famous embroidery have come forth in large numbers, make the painting development to the highest level, and from the practical and artistic appreciation, the calligraphy and painting into embroidery, forming a unique ornamental embroidery. In order to make the work to achieve the artistic conception of painting and calligraphy, embroidery before the need for a plan, embroidered need to be their situation, but tends to elaborate. The composition must be simple, the choice of blank patterns is very important, and the Tang Dynasty with or without pattern with different embroidery Shi Ming Dong Qichang, Jun Qing Xuan "secret records" set: "song of the fine embroidery, sewing, velvet one or two silk, with a needle like hair, the color light color eye shot. The landscape points near the interest to deep Pavilion, looking out from the feeling of vivid characters, flowers and birds very graceful swallow of slander. Better than the painting is better, look at the three interest in the preparation, the ten refers to the spring, so far". This section describes, outlines the characteristics of song Xiuzhi.
The embroidery Museum of the Imperial Palace in Taiwan rarely handed down, hire only a piece of work, from the angle of the works, the Song Dynasty still inherited the legacy. Yuan velvet slightly rough, needle Micronesia, as Xiuzhi Seiko song.
The dyeing process of the Ming Dynasty, to Xuande was developed between the variable. In Jiajing Shanghai Gu embroidery Shilu fragrant garden, with embroidered heirloom, celebrities come forth in large numbers. To attend world time sun Gu Shouqian and his wife Han Ximeng, deep six, Shaoxing hair embroidery from the Tang and Song Dynasties far. An ancient silk embroidered celebrity calligraphy and painting, split color, do not have the operation, so it can be dyed written, embroidered landscapes are exquisite, flowers and birds, known as dew fragrance garden Gu embroidery, embroidery painting is also called cover. This is the famous ancient embroidery.
Embroidery stitch embroidery, the Song Dynasty mainly inherited the most perfect is to change the use of embroidery, more, it sets the culmination of acupuncture. The main line is still the most flat line, sometimes twisting, such as fine silk, pin flat, and the color line of many types of non song Xiusuo can match. At the same time the use of color in the middle line, by color and complementary colors, embroidery and painted with realistic manuscript. As the desired pattern, can be drawn, unconventional, true grass, Siam was the tail, hair can be embroidered into thin gold don't innovation, especially the use of hair embroidery finished painting production, dyeing and weaving in the world history has never saw, which is the extremely profound ingenious embroidery embroidery technology.
The Qing Dynasty is the Queen's palace embroidery, embroidery, most are from the office of the Palace Museum painting drawing Ruyi pattern, three embroidery workshop after approval before sending the jurisdiction of the Jiangnan weaving, embroidery embroidery still very beautiful, neat. except