Computer embroidery line color method summary

The method of color matching in computer embroidery. In the study of color design in fashion design, we must first understand some basic knowledge of color. People's sensitivity to color is far more than the sensitivity of the shape, so the color is very important in the design of clothing.
A basic knowledge of color, color world through the color to express a riot of colours, but cannot do without the red, yellow and blue three basic color mixing, Dongguan computer embroidery, these three colors can't by other colors will blend together, so it is called "primary colors". Two of the primary colors of a color blending after being called "color", such as red and yellow orange, yellow and blue tone tone synthesis green synthesis. Two "color" or color and tone and color formation.
The ever-changing color can be divided into two categories: color and color. Black, white and black and white tones of all levels of gray color system. White is the highest level of brightness, black is the most primary brightness. All colors other than the color system belong to the color system. The color of the color system consists of three elements: hue, lightness and purity.
Hue: name of different colors is called color, such as red, blue, yellow and other colors, color is the most important feature of. According to the order of the hue, the phase ring can be arranged in sequence. Changing the infinite color world, hue is the most important factor. Brightness: is the color of light and shade changes in the nature of the color of a variety of colored objects to reflect the degree of light caused by the difference. Purity: also known as chroma, saturation degree, is a pure color contains color. The red, orange, yellow, green, green, and purple are the scale of pure color. The higher the purity, the brighter the color.
Two, color and fashion design people reflect on the color is strong, but not the color feeling is 5. Shenzhen computer embroidery factory, therefore in the clothing design for color selection and collocation should give full consideration to the related factors of different object's age, personality, temperament, hobbies and conservation, but also consider to reflect different emotion of color in different social, political, economic, culture, art, customs and traditions the living habits. For example, the dynasties of our country advocating yellow, yellow is the symbol of heaven and earth, so that the Yellow gives the majestic luxury, sacred association. And yellow in Christian countries is considered to be the color of the traitor Judah clothing, is a symbol of despicable disgrace. Therefore, the color design of clothing should be targeted positioning design. In the design, the collocation of color combination is directly related to the overall style of clothing shape. Computer embroidery factory designers can by a group of high purity contrast color combinations to express passionate tropical; can also be through a group of low colored similar color combination of elegant rustic style of clothing color, the most commonly used method in the design of clothing: similar color matching, color matching, color contrast with approximate with four kinds of color, relative.
(1) the same color clothing color matching: the same kind of color matching is through a unified hue in the light and shade on the different shades of color.
(2) approximate color of clothing color matching: approximate color matching refers to the hue ring in the range of 90 degrees of color coordination, to give people a sense of gentle coordination. Compared with the same kind of color, the color is more rich in change, so it is more widely used in the field of clothing than the same color.
(3) clothing color contrast color with contrasting color hue refers to the ring of 120 degrees to 180 degrees in the range of color matching, the clothing style, bright and lively, more for sportswear, children's clothing, costume design.
(4) the relative color of clothing color matching: relative color refers to the color ring on both ends of the 180 degrees of the relative color of the two. Dongguan professional embroidery factory, its effect is more intense than the contrast color. In the relative color should pay attention to the relationship between primary and secondary, but also by adding the middle color method to make the contrast effect more interesting.
Three, fashion color and fashion design garment field has always been advocating popular consciousness, popular color in the clothing of the application is to the pursuit of color fashion, projection reflects the aesthetic features of modern life. Color is endowed with a sense of the times and fashion. Color experts in sharp insight, the trendy colors in the consuming market is summarized and refined, and the forecast by extension, has formed a popular color. At present, the international popular color Committee meets two times a year to guess the trend of the spring and autumn and winter, and through the popular color cards, fashion magazines and textile samples and other media publicity. In the modern fashion design, the application of popular color is more extensive, the combination of fashionable style and popular color is getting closer and closer. Therefore, careful study and analysis of the rules of the popular color cycle, grasp the timing of the popular, timely launch of the new fashion in line with people's aesthetic requirements, in order to expand market sales. Understanding of the color of knowledge, whether you have a certain understanding of the color of the computer embroidery inspiration?